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FBA Businesses becoming more detail driven in order to stand out from competition. The (OS) graphic-design team ensures a professional appearance for your amazon store and provides you with visual content in order to transfer traffic into leads and finally generate conversions

Amazon's enhanced brand content is a powerful addition to your amazon listing in order to increase your sales conversion rate by providing knowledge and familiarity

Store Front is a feature that allows your brand to create a personalised web-shop within amazon. By building your brand focused store front, you provide your customers with an overview of your entire product catalog. A great opportunity developing your brand recognition to the next level.

Brand Logo, Store Design, Font and Imagery are the elements which create your corporate identity, the (OS) team strives to realise the exact identity your brand needs

Because first impression matters! The (OS) design-team is focused on creating a balance between look and practicality to ensure an amazing first hands-on experience


When it comes to sourcing a new product, we are happy to help with proven strategies in order to get the most value out for you. By contacting suppliers and using a facilitated communIcation system, the (OS) product-research team is applying special techniques in order to get your brand recognised as a serouis business partner

Setting the fundamental success structure for your FBA Business starts with choosing a viable product By discovering a pattern of success, we select products with a high potential and provide you with the perfect sourcing strategy to start your amazon business

In order to make your product launch smooth and without unexpected surpsises the (OS) product-research team takes each client by their hand and offers full guidance

The (OS) e-commerce-team is trained to take full responsibility in maintaining your store on a daily base in order to grow together Store maintenance includes keeping your amazon business store always fully updated and able to move further into a profitable direction



“Promotional videos don't work” - said no one ever! The best way to convey your brand message is in the form of a video! The (OS) videography team looks after you from developing the idea until launching your new video online

With focus on specifications and features of the product. close-up shots and detailed product specifications combined in your video content is the optimal chance to underline your unique selling point

With focus on proving products function and quality. matching the customers expectations regarding your product is essential for customer satisfaction and your star-rating

with focus on safety measurements and all included product components attract customers with 360 degree perspective to present your high quality packaging

with focus on aggressive promotion and call to action
implementing promotional content in your advertisement in order to trigger customers attention in the direction of your product


Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial point of every business nowadays! Spend your advertisment budget effectively and efficiently! The (OS) ,amazon specialised, e-commerce team develops customized scaling stragtegies, creates campaigns and optimises your keyword bidding

Depending on market and product, implementing keywords will link potential buyers with your brand and ensures your customer audience is able to find your products By identifying relevant keywords, the (OS) ecommerce-team protects your advertising budget and deletes keyword bleeders from your campaigns in order to lower down your advertisement cost of spend (ACoS)

Market analysis is crucial for implementing decisions regarding entering a new market, defining a business strategy or intention to enhance the performance of your brand or product By scanning the entire market, the (OS) ecommerce-team provides strategic reporting and develops tailor-made strategies for clients based on Brand Analytics and in order to reach a targeted goal

The (OS) e commerce-team provides strategic reporting and develops a campaign system, customized for your situation in order to maximize your profit Through constant adjustments towards an improved performance we truly believe (OS) follows the best strategy in order to maximize your conversion rate percentage and helps you to reach your potential Best Seller Rank



Exellent customer service helps building trust and loyalty between your brand and the customers by understanding customers need's and want's, The (OS) experienced customer service team is focused on exceeding customers expectations through handling complaints and returns gracefully


The (OS) logistic-team is focused on optimizing your shipment and inventory circle in order to ensure you never have to pay more storage-fees than needed By daily motoring and updating the inventory system, the (OS) team notifies you about the optimal re-stock date and enables a permanent aggressive PPC push and eliminates the danger of running out of stock and losing your Best Seller Rank

We're using a specially developed system for detailed monitoring of inventory status of items, which indicates the amount and date of restock based on your sales and business data. This way you exclude the chance of running out of stock, keep your BSR high, and at the same time don't reorder too many items ending up paying too high storage fees.

Since storing your products in Amazon warehouses can be quite expensive, you might decide to start using a third party warehouse The (OS) logistic-team is keeping an overview of your complete inventory and navigating your goods from amazon warehouses to 3PL centers or directly to customers Special focus lies always on a cost efficient strategy where the goods can arrive on time

The main focus on obeying all legal requirements and minimizing your liability risk through applying amazon policies is crucial for setting up an FBA Business The (OS) logistic-team is dedicated organizing your first initial order and for purchasing your new product from your supplier in order to launch online for the first time

By defining your biggest logistic cost drivers we keep our clients updated about trends and changes on the entire FBA Business through reporting, the (OS) team enables the possibility to demand unique cost insight per specific period of time or ASIN

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