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Hello and welcome to our website. Today is the official launch day of Orange Sellers, the new premier Amazon Services Agency in the Netherlands. We’d like to introduce ourselves, tell you our story so you can get to know us a bit better. Because we expect you’ll be seeing a lot of us in the future. For now, sit comfortably, enjoy this read and please, don’t forget to leave your contact info or subscribe in case you would like to stay up to date on our upcoming adventures. So, let’s not waste any time and let’s get started


  • Written by Marten de Vries


How it all started.

"We need to jump on this opportunity, Marten. Nobody is doing it, and I think we can do this better than anyone else. But I want you to be my partner on this.”
  • Massy 6th of July 2020

From a distance, Massy Wahab doesn’t look remarkable. A man in his early 30’s, average height, wearing sneakers and a comfortable sweater. But anyone that had a chance to talk with him knows that he’s a smart guy, very dedicated and has a unique perspective on the world. 

If you get the chance to meet him and he’s wearing a sweater, you can ask him to lift it to see his t-shirt. 9 times out of 10 you’ll find he’s wearing an ‘’ t-shirt, which is the Amazon Sellers online group that he’s been a loyal member for years. He eats, sleeps and breathes the Amazon business seven days a week. That’s the passion he’s used to building multiple brands with no.1 rankings on Amazon; the fiercest retail environment in the world. I met him 6 years ago and he’s been one of my best friends ever since. 

In July he told me about his plans to start a new business and asked me what my thoughts were. Two months later and I am 100% committed to building the business together. After 2 months of preparation, we’re ready to take the Amazon world by storm. The basic idea: we share our success formula, to help businesses to get the same success we had over the years.


Orange Sellers

Orange Sellers as a concept, transferring our skills and know-how to other companies that sell on Amazon, isn’t completely new for Massy and I. He’s been selling on Amazon for over 7 years now. During that time Massy has been helping other Amazon businesses get started and helped retail companies to become successful on the platform. I have had my own marketing agency since 2012, and come from a background of corporate communication. Large brands that tried to have an impact on their communication, whilst making sure they keep all the different departments in check. Seeing the successes in that environment always gave me a thrill, but my secret passion was to have a hand in real corporate innovation. Massy often got me involved with his Amazon business, asking my opinion about strategy or marketing. We were able to come up with completely new strategies in the Amazon field that no one was using. I can tell you now, those conversations and the impact they had were kick-ass!


We started to talk to other companies selling on Amazon. It turns out: they thought they were doing pretty good on Amazon and just didn’t know any better. Often only making a fraction of the sales they should be making. Those that Massy helped out, more than doubled their revenue within a year (read more about it in our first case study, coming up next week!). The question was: how come nobody is helping these companies to achieve their potential? The answer turns out to be quite simple: the people that work or support these businesses come from a marketing background. They have never built an Amazon business from the ground up. We learned the hard way. You have to fight every single day, learn every skill and then select and train the right people to do it for you; so you can start developing your next skill. 70 hours a week. For many years. 

What’s so different about Orange Sellers?

Our promise to you: in one year’s time we’ll come by your office with a bottle of champagne and celebrate. That’s how confident we are in what we can do for you....


Orange Sellers is the first company in Europe with a unique onboarding concept. First, we provide all the services to run an Amazon store. Every team member is trained by an experienced coach on how to utilize their specialization in increasing Amazon sales. But most importantly, we train Amazon Marketplace managers that will be fully dedicated to your company; with the option to put them on your own staff. The result: you’ll have total control and maximize your Amazon sales, without having to rely on outside consultancy.


Amazon and e-commerce experts mostly come from people with a marketing background. Being successful (growing your business five-fold year-over-year) on Amazon is an as specialized skill, as any BSc+MSc academic study you can find. We see a landscape of companies that are making less than half the sales they should be making on Amazon. For us, it’s not a job that we do between 9 and 5. Massy has attended over 100 Amazon events around the world in the past 5 years (USA, Ukraine, China, Germany, France). He’s the founder of the biggest independent Amazon Seller Society in the Netherlands. In short, we do what we preach. We never implement outdated strategies, or think in terms of ‘this is good enough’. We are the ones that develop the new strategies that no one else has. And if we don’t we’ll be the first ones to know about it. This is what we offer our clients, the very best of what we do for ourselves.


If you ever get the chance to work with us, you’ll quickly find out that Massy and I always put people first. Helping people achieve their potential is somewhat of a focal point for us. In taking on new team members, we always look at their values first, abilities second, and skills last. One of the values we look for is the passion for lifelong learning. We’ll challenge our team to grow on a personal level as well as a professional level. Every member of our team gets at least 5 hours of 1-on-1 coaching per week, over the first 6 months. It’s also very important to be tolerant, open and curious about the world and other people. Being inspired and enjoying your colleague’s company in a high-performance environment is crucial for a good team spirit. Once you meet them, we think you’ll agree.



The European market for Amazon is very fractured at this time. A brand might be doing excellent on but do terrible on Product listings of the same brand are inconsistent, best practices seem not to be communicated at all. And the best practices that are being used are woefully inadequate. In our mind there is no question about it, Amazon will dominate the European e-commerce market, similar to how it does in the United States. The winners in the retail space will be companies that will put e-commerce front and center in their corporate strategy. Our goal is for us to be the absolute best Amazon Accelerator in all of Europe, and to make sure our clients maximize their potential on Amazon. We have a fire that we’d like to share with the world. This is an open invitation to get on board with us. Our promise to you: in one year’s time we’ll come by your office with a bottle of champagne and celebrate. That’s how confident we are in what we can do for you.


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