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Amazon Accellerator

We are professional buyers, celebrating the success of our clients on Amazon for the last 7 years. Our experienced e-commerce team will work on your brand to maximise the potential on the biggest platform in the world. We mostly focus on established brands with dedicated attention for quality and customer service in the Sports & Outdoors category. We are passionate about outdoor sports activities and believe in the growth of this category for the up coming years.

  • Success Oriented

    No matter what game you play, in the end is winning the most important element. We play the Amazon game to win, with hard work and cutting edge proven strategies.

  • Flexible

    Amazon business requires flexibility. The rules on Amazon changes quite regularly. We have a flexible approach towards the Amazon marketplaces and optimise the brands towards an Amazon friendly ecosystem.

  • Professional

    Amazon is a competitive online marketplace which requires professionalism and experience. There are thousands of sellers who are aiming for your success. Don't leave your brand to beginner.

Why Selling Your Amazon Business?

Forget the risk of running an Amazon business.


Free yourself of broker and legal fees.

Claim your next 4 years of profit in a month.

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Get a hold of your future profits and move on to your next idea.

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Your brand will fly higher after you exit and move on.

How We Work

The process of brand acquisition


Share your story

Take us to your beginnings, ups and downs. Give us an outlook to your jounrey so far.


Evaluation Offer

After we assure the of privacy your account by a Non-Disclosure agreement, we will check the P&L, you will be provided with valuation and letter of intent.


Negotiation proposal

This is where we will assign our legal team to support you through every step of the due diligence after we agree on an offer.



Lucrative Exit

This is the moment of signing the Purchase Agreement, sending the funds to your bank account and take over your Account.


Why Choose Us?

  • Quick In Response

    Contact us to get your business evaluation and receive a response in less than 24 hours.

  • High Quality Services

    Leave your brand in safe hands. We provide our clients full Amazon services based on their own necessity.

  • Successful Exit

    Our specialized team have built and grown different successful Amazon businesses since 2014.


We aspire to build a holding company that is obsessed about customers.

As we acquire and grow Amazon brands, we want to keep in mind that there is a person behind every single order and we want to have this end customer in the center of everything we do and any decision we make.

We focus mostly on sports and outdoors categories as a holding company. Running a business and doing sport requires the same passion and motivation. We bring them together to get amazing results. This positioning is building us over time expertise and relationships around specific domains and ability to optimise the companies we acquire more successfully. This ability does not only support our operations but also put us in a preferable position in front of the top sellers in our categories.