Let's Grow your Sales on Amazon Together

Orange Sellers

We are an Amazon accelerator. The Amazon Marketplace management service provider. Our goal is very simple; to create the

most value for our brand partners, by increasing their visibility and sales on the Amazon Marketplaces.

Not all E-commerce is the same. Maximising your potential on the biggest platform in the world is a highly specialised skill.

We are passionate and have been realising results for our clients on Amazon for 7 years now.


What We do


Amazon Brand Acquisitions

We buy successful brands selling on Amazon and take over the management. We are able to increase sales, improve margin and enhance the Look & Feel of the brands.

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Marketplace Manager

We offer a unique onboarding traineeship for ambitious graduates and postgraduates who are dedicated managers. Trained on one specific account, product niche or PPC.

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Member of the Orange Sellers team

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Where we do the complete management of your Amazon store and grow your online business. At the same time we train talented Marketplace Managers to become your full time employee.

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Orange Seller Services!

Where we make sure you can focus on what you're good at, and we take care of the rest. The Amazon services we offer are highly specialised towards Amazon.

Not only we provide quality work, but our knowledge of the Amazon platform makes sure that you'll get the highest return on your investment.


Amazon Marketplace is not just another task you can give to your E-commerce team and expect great results. Using general knowledge and practices will have your expectations come up short every time. To be successful and really stand out, you need a team that’s highly specialised and has your back.


We offer a variety of services. The primary service we offer is where our marketplace manager takes full control of your Amazon account, and transfer them to become part of your team over time. So you’ll end up with a successful Amazon business managing it with the same level of skills we have.

Marketplace Managers

A team of Amazon generalists, trained to understand and manage every aspect of selling on the Amazon Marketplace. They are working with different teams inside Orange Sellers to manage and grow brand partners. The managers have an overview of the inventory, listings, ppc, sales, pricing and customer service.