Outsourcing & Onboarding

Today's talent, tomorrow's Amazon account managers.

In an ideal world you would have your Amazon potential maximized, and the perfect Amazon account management service to run it. That’s exactly what you’re getting from us. Orange Sellers will give you full control over your e-commerce future.


We scout the European university system in collaboration with the Erasmus program to find the top tier graduates of every season, find their absolute advantage to immediately and effectively focus on that strength to make sure it is built from within.

Our training program consists of various levels of depth, and depending on your Amazon account management service needs, we fully train your next marketplace manager and prepare them for the unexpected, systems, obstacles or projects. We start out with the best. The graduates we train are at the top of their class out of university. After a 6 month traineeship with us, they will move into our Account Managers Program.

From day 1 within this program, they will work on growing their account management skills. After our training, they’ll transfer to your company full time so you gain full creative control of your shop and listings .Hyper-specialized account managers, molded out of the best possible clay.

This is a vigorous training program that takes six months to one years to complete. Under the instruction of people who have run numerous Amazon businesses themselves and know exactly what to do to get a company to increase sales yearly on Amazon.

The training program that we have is based on the Orange Sellers Amazon Guide - the systems we have created and use ourselves on a daily basis.

Our Amazon training provides weekly classes and mentoring plus daily guidance from our senior Amazon Sellers.
On top of that, they follow a variety of courses - from presentation skills, time management, focus, discipline, task management, delegation to courses on how to be an effective communicator, that will help them fulfil their role within your company.


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