Case study: Getting back to first place.


In the beginning of this year(2020), the global rise of coronavirus had an enormous impact on the e-commerce industry. One of our clients is an Amazon seller with $4 million in yearly revenue, that has been growing fast over the last 5 years. However, logistics got disrupted at the beginning of the lockdown, which made their Amazon account go out of stock. This had an adverse effect on their position on the Amazon listing.

They fell from first position on the first page to ending up on the second page. Their sales dropped to less than a third of regular sales. Our client was not only facing a drop in sales but also losing it’s brand value on Amazon, which is very hard to regain.



With our tailor made strategy, we were able to turn a negative into a positive. The result:

  • Minimizing loss of rank by our logistics and legal team.
  • The sales saw an increase of 30% compared to the situation before they ran out of stock.
  • With increase in brand visibility and sales, our client’s product was back to the number one position on the Amazon’s first page in a very short period of time.
  • We introduced our client to new communication channels. The exposure from these channels are so effective they became a part of the core strategy.
  • We were able to lower the customer acquisition cost, which increased the profit percentage on top of the growing revenue.
Case study Getting back to first place