Do not Underestimate the power of "Thank you" page

The magic phrase “Thank You” holds a great significance. It’s one of the first phrases you learn as a child. Our parents and teachers kept reminding us how important it is to thank people – and they weren't wrong! In this article, we’d like to show you how powerful the “Thank You” page is for your business, and that it shouldn’t be underestimated.

1. Less robot, more human.

We all like a distinctive, human approach. Contact the customer by name, view their order number, or tell them who will be responsible for them and who they can contact if they have questions. This will increase your credibility and evoke a feeling of importance in the customer. Your main task is to convince the customer that you have been waiting for him/her to make an order, and it finally happened! If you still believe that Starbucks has built its brand on high quality and delicious coffee, you are wrong. They also know the power of a personal approach and have used it perfectly to get new customers. Such as your name written on a coffee cup, it’s personal?

2. Take away doubts

Right after the customer has placed the order, you must be ready to make them feel content with their purchase and take away all doubts. You want a “Thank You” page to tell people that they’ve made the right decision and there is no reason to regret it! The best way to take away the customer’s doubts, is to explain and show how exactly a purchased product works. People, and specifically customers, like to hear a confirmation of doing the right thing. If you include a thank you page, with other people’s reviews of the product, it will put them completely at ease.

3. Provide a discount code

You probably know it’s a very popular e-commerce strategy to offer coupons. What isn’t a well known fact, but extremely important, is the right timing. You can offer coupons too often and your profits go down. You can do it too sporadically, and your customers might switch to a competitor. We found that the best strategy is to focus on rewarding the right behavior. For example; if the customer chooses to subscribe, you will give a free sample of one of your bestselling items. The real magic, though, is the secondary benefit – 25 % of the customer's next order. Offering a secondary benefit doesn’t just reward customer loyalty but it also gives a feeling of uniqueness.


4. Use the waiting time

Between the time a purchase is being done, and the delivery of the product is one of the best times to communicate with your customer. Building customer loyalty, increasing customer experience. The trick is simple – give your customer a link to download a book for free, recommend an interesting podcast or you can recommend a proven application for meditation (for the long wait). But don’t forget to keep your target audience in mind. If your customer is a 19 years old teenager who ordered a signed rap album, you will not recommend her/him link with a podcast with “meditative music”.

5. Up-sell  

Last but not least we will show you a very effective Up-Sell strategy. “Thank You” page is the place where the customer has already made his big decision, pulled the trigger and clicked the "buy" button. Now you have the full attention of the customer. And remember – Attention Is Everything. After the customer has placed the order, it’s up to you how you will use the position you’re in. “Thank You” page is the perfect place to buy, for example the same product with a 50% discount if the purchase will be made within 24 hours. Or you can recommend complementary products – for example, your customer ordered coffee maker and it would be such a pity not to order a package of the highest quality coffee. Your mission is clear - to make your customer re-purchase again and again.x