Amazon Pro Webinar Netherlands

Date: Thursday 18th of March 20:00 - 21:30

Language: English

Dutch Amazon Mastermind

Orange Sellers has been organizing Amazon Maasterrmind events over the past couple of years, with much success. After 14 real life events, this will be the second digital meetup. We've had a lot of amazing speakers, who shared their personal expertise with selling on Amazon and what it takes to be successful. With this meetup, we're going back to basics. It's all about Picutres and knowing if you fully optimized you listing's potential.

For who?

With the program we focus on experiences sellers, be it private label or companies that see Amazon as a serious retail channel. If you're just starting up or maybe interested to start selling on Amazon, feel free to join. But make sure you keep your notepad ready.

Mastermind Key-points



Where experts in the Amazon field will be giving you all the important tools on how to become successful yourself. These seminars are aimed at branded companies, B2B sellers that would like to sell directly B2C and people that sell on Amazon under a private label.